About Me

…A little about me…
It seems that when I read other photographers’ back-stories, I always find them incredibly romantic. Perhaps they received their first camera at the age of 7/8, or maybe an old Polaroid was passed down from their father.
Unfortunately, I have no romantic story. Landscape photography and nature photograpy includes every single phase of existence a very gradual adventure. An adventure which began with travel to explore the beautiful creation of almighty God.
Shortly after leaving university at 21and joined in the professional job, the idea of travel had harboured its way into my thoughts always. Feeling apprehensive, remembering the love on the nature, I vividly recall having photography as a companion. I had no camera, just my eyes, snapshots, memories. I’d discovered my life’s passion, or had I? In 2004 I took my first ever phone and abled to see the world of photograpy from lens.
Growing with the time the passion of loving nature floated to my vain and that consumed my thoughts. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to create pictures that people could enjoy where an artistic thought process always knocked by doors. I remember in the 1992 when I started seeing the first computer generated images I was amazed by the colors and the drama.
I became a huge fan of the epic and dramatic look that you experience in Cinema. I know most of it is not real, but I still love it. You may observe some of my photos are heavily retouched, some are not. What I’m looking for is something that communicates a message, something epic and an adventure on the eternal sky and nature. A thought which may give me the photos more accurate.
An internal alarm wake me up for the mountains and seascapes where I really started to fall for landscapes, and for photographing them. I drove from the East coast to the Northern Hills. Still equipped with phone but the time took me to love the gears on exploring more to remember in the life time.
There’s not much into my images. Rather bland, wonky horizon, generally uninteresting and lacking in many things. But I recall the dancing, golden light in the foreground, the contrasts across the waters, the hills and waterfalls in the distance and most importantly, the awe I felt standing upon the shore. From memory, my choice of some first attempts at piecing together a photograph, rather than taking a snapshot. In January 2012, I purchased my first ever DSLR from Nikon D3300 which still in my list.
On 2017, the Nikon D7500 was purchased and the marriage between ’adventure’ and ‘landscape and photography’ became my ultimate Vision beyond passion. From here start the journey
My mission is to create beautiful timeless images that reflect the meaning of everyday time and help the nature lovers to take better photos and pursue an artistic career with an epic love to nature. Photography should be the special pieces of fine art to dress you walls. If you enjoy my contents on and would like to support my work, please do consider a like on the like button. Thank you for the suggestions and advise.